Baron Eldred von Stauffer


The Baron is tall and thin and in his mid-thirties. His brown hair and beard are neatly trimmed. His piercing blue eyes command authority. He dresses in finery—a red lace shirt with puffed and slashed sleeves, a black moleskin jacket, black breeches worn to the knee, red silk stockings and gold-buckled boots, but his clothes show wear at the knees and elbows.

The crown of Manann is stitched into his doublet, and he wears medallions depicting stylised Imperial skulls and iron crosses.

A plump grey pigeon, VonSchnell, is usually perched on his right shoulder.

Eldred takes his duties seriously, but he much prefers the company of pigeons to that of other people, though is quietly polite to guests at his mansion.


Baron Eldred von Stauffer

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